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So, what is responsive design?

Recently, you may have heard about a little thing called ‘responsive design’, a popular topic at the moment in the world of web. You may be wondering what it is, what it can do for you and why you’d be interested – so MAXX is taking the time to explain it all to you.   Responsive design is a concept that works for the Average Joe. On an average day, Joe sleepily looks at his favourite websites on his mobile from the comfort of his bed sheets. He browses on his tablet as he catches the train to work, and when he gets into the office he switches to his PC.

Web Feats!

At MAXX, we take pride in our design and digital work. This month, we felt like sharing some of our ‘web feats’ with you – perhaps some of the possibilities will inspire you!

 Cutting edge:

MAXX’s roots in design are strong, but did you know our web team is just as strong? MAXX combines superb design and top notch digital work to bring our clients a real return on their investment. We host nearly 100 sites on our servers and thought we would share some of our recent digital work with you…

3 reasons to get your website mobile, now.

The world is going mobile. Fast. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for the average entrepreneur to work via their smartphone, checking emails or doing the odd Google search on his mobile. It’s commonplace. In fact – even my grandmother is prone to doing a bit of mobile phone browsing every now and again. It’s with this in mind you must ask yourself the question:   Is my website optimized for mobile?   Considering that there are over six billion network subscriptions at the moment, this can only mean people are going mobile in a BIG way, with several devices in use for each person.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The MAXXY Awards

  In the last few weeks we’ve seen The Oscars, Brits, Grammy’s and other lavish award ceremonies showcasing a variety of talents and skills. However one set of awards are yet to be given, five winners are yet to tearfully accept their awards and give emotional speeches… until now. It is now this writer’s honour to host MAXX’S very own awards – THE MAXXY’S! THE MAXXY’S aim to celebrate the achievements and happiness in the MAXX world at the moment, so let’s announce the winners:

Best Practice - it's good to share

small business best practise exchangeThis month saw MAXX Design published online in the Guardian Small Business Exchange, allowing other companies and potential customers to see our organisation amongst the best of British business.

Blippar for your business

It’s the new big thing!   Unfortunately, for the floundering QR code, a new and popular technology seems to be cornering the market. Gone are the days of constructing a QR code which directs you only to a single place: apparently this process is now too basic, and slightly outdated (even though its mainstream life is only about two years!). People now want AUGMENTED REALITY.   It’s the new ‘hot’ way to get your brand noticed.

Read your Social Media's success

(Make sure you pick up your easter egg letter at the bottom of the page!) It’s all very well Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging to your hearts content: thinking that all of these activities combined are improving and gaining you business. But what you really need to be doing, to save you from wasting precious time – is measuring the activity.   You may have noticed already, as the new Timeline has made Facebook Insights far more apparent.

Jackie’s working week

MAXX-search-engine-optimisation As Operations Director at MAXX, my week is often unpredictable. I manage the web design area of MAXX and this means bringing together the various aspects of web production needed to create the end product.

Ruth’s favourite book...

...Goodnight Mr Tom My husband Neil introduced me to this book when he taught it at his school and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s about a WW2 evacuee and his adoptive father and it makes me cry every time I read it. The book was turned into a film starring my favourite actor, John Thaw. goodnight mr tom