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Parallax Sites – The Future Of The Web?

Are parallax sites the future of the web? At the moment, they are all the rage; adopted by brands large and small across the internet. They can certainly look more interesting/attractive than standard websites, but perhaps this is because when compared to others, a parallax site appears so different, exciting and unconventional. But are they really practical? There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding parallax sites and how they work with SEO. Are they just a passing fad?

Why Web Design is Important – 3 key areas for success

It is 2015 now and nothing irritates the average iPad wielding Joe more than a website that is hard to navigate, out of date, or an eyesore. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a well designed website that is up to date on current browsers, as it is vital in creating leads, and essential if you want your existing clients to return too! Does this describe your current website? If so, it’s essential to think about taking action in the following areas:

4 useful apps for business

Technology is the way forward and is also becoming an integral part of business. Of course, as time passes and technology evolves, we are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way we market ourselves: from websites, to responsive design, mobile sites and now… apps. Apps are rapidly making their way into everyday life, so why not utilize some of these fantastic apps for your business? I have compiled some of the best apps that I think might be useful.

How video can boost website effectiveness  

We are thrilled this week to include a guest blog from one of our fantastic video partners, Ginger Multimedia. Did you know that as well as having pride of place on your website video can significantly boost website effectiveness? The trick is to plan how and when you’re going to use the videos, right from the conception stage. So, how does video make such a huge difference? Here are 4 ways it can boost website effectiveness:

The Evolution of Web

The other day, I read an article on the ‘17 ancient and abandoned websites that still work’ on From Warner Brother’s ‘Space Jam Website’ to the Bob Dole versus Kemp campaign of 1996 – it served the team at MAXX a few laughs! It struck me that although we look at these websites as ancient relics and the most primitive form of technology, the web only came into fruition in the 1990’s. That’s less than 25 years ago, meaning that the world wide web still has a lot more time on its hands to develop! Somewhat scarily, we are only in the infant stages.

Is there a place for prospectuses today?

Why high quality printed materials are still essential for the success of a school’s marketing in today’s digital age.

Over 15 years ago my company MAXX started working within the education sector and I was amazed to discover that some of the schools I visited had virtually no marketing materials at all, some had no prospectuses and they certainly didn’t have websites or social media activity. (One well-known school had a single-sided A4 sheet of paper, photocopied from a rather tatty original).

5 of the most magnificent campaigns in the past year

As a thriving design agency, we appreciate a great campaign when we see one. The campaigns produced by the marketing giants are often a source of inspiration, discussion and interest. Sometimes, they can even be the subject of mass ridicule! However, today we want to share with you what can happen when marketing goes right. So here are the biggest and the best marketing campaigns in the past year.  

4 reasons we love Pinterest in 2014

Pinterest became a topic of interest in recent years, being launched in 2010 and becoming mainstream in 2012. It took a few years for the platform to prove its worth, but now it has, even businesses have jumped on board with success. And what’s the attraction? It’s simple really. It’s fun. And as a visual medium it can also bring an extra element to more formal business communication.