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Why Web Design is Important – 3 key areas for success

Fantastic Web Design for a successful website is key

It is 2015 now and nothing irritates the average iPad wielding Joe more than a website that is hard to navigate, out of date, or an eyesore. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a well designed website that is up to date on current browsers, as it is vital in creating leads, and essential if you want your existing clients to return too! Does this describe your current website? If so, it’s essential to think about taking action in the following areas: 1) Navigation Navigating your

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How a CMS can benefit your business


In the modern world we live in, it’s unusual to find someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone. Gone are the days where you would remember the full phone number for your friends, work place, doctors surgery, kids school, etc. That little box of tech that neatly fits into the palm of your hand can produce a neat list of all of your contacts, and when you select someone, offer you their landline, mobile, second mobile, email, work email, and a whole bunch of other information. The mobile phone has become

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The purge of fake Instagram followers

Yesterday Instagram users woke up to a big shock. Millions of fake accounts were removed from the service, dramatically depleting some users followers. All in all, celebrity accounts seem to be the ones most affected by the rapid purge of fake accounts; Justin Bieber lost a huge chunk of followers, reported at 3.5 million (not such a loss if you ask me…)! Instagram has lost the most followers, with 19 million fans disappearing into nowhere: and many users have turned to leaving fiery and enraged comments on the accounts pictures

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