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Hosting: Easy as 123?

Website hosting

Tech gurus aside, the majority of people have never given a thought to how their website, prime business real-estate, is run, or who looks after and hosts it for that matter. Chances are this changed sometime around Monday afternoon, when major news outlets were reporting that hosting provider 123-reg had deleted “an unspecified number” of the 1.7 million sites it hosts in the UK. Cue everybody ringing the tech-team and checking their website with bated breath. In an age where we spend hours of our day online and businesses transact

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Size Still Matters

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  You might have heard the term ‘responsive design’ bandied around a lot recently – and that’s because it’s a topic that is becoming more and more relevant. Just recently, Google changed the game and penalised non mobile friendly websites from ranking in search engine listings from mobile searches. Essentially, if you don’t have a responsive or mobile friendly website you will not show as competitively in the mobile searches: making responsive design a hot topic. So what IS responsive design? The concept itself is pretty simple. As technology develops,

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