Corporate Identity Design

Did you notice YouTube's new font?

We have spoken before about the importance of font and why deciding what font you should use is a decision that should never be rushed. There are a number of areas to consider, from branding based decisions about whether the font suits the company and matches other visuals to logistical decisions about whether or not the font is “web safe”. We will never stop shouting about font and the part it has to play in design!

You Can't Rush Creativity

This video (creator unknown!) involves using a group of children to prove how extraordinary things can be achieved with just a little more time. Having seen this video, we were prompted to write a little about how time pressure effects creativity…

When the pressure is on at work, people are productive. This common belief may be the case for some people, but for creatives, the dreaded time crunch is far from beneficial.

Doing something different

Recently, MAXX was thrilled to be involved in a very different project for Cobalt Telephone Technologies, one of our longest standing clients. In May 2014 Cobalt officially opened their new offices which more than doubled the size of their company headquarters and reaffirmed their status as one of Hampshire’s fastest growing companies.

Make an impact with your brand

Any business looking to grow – to stand out against their competitors and to be recognisable, will know the importance of branding. Branding is vital for establishing and building your company reputation but it can also be crucial in deciding the level of business you drive to your company.   Think about brands you love (or hate!) or that do well. Apple, Coca Cola and Nike all speak for themselves.

Make your business shine

Newbury-based printed circuit board company, Garner Osbourne needed an up-to-date brochure that portrayed the company’s position in the market place, to reinforce their messaging to potential and existing clients. MAXX commissioned and art-directed an intensive photo shoot of the whole manufacturing process, used image-rich A3 spreads with powerful typography and contrasted these with pages of information with documentary-style images that demonstrated the production process.

What does YOUR colour choice say about you?

What does your colour choice say about you? When MAXX rebranded itself several months ago, we introduced a jazzy new rainbow colour palette across all our printed materials, which is also reflected in our website and blog. We have also more recently refreshed our business cards with a range of colours and styles for each person in the company. These have gone down particularly well - they certainly make an impact, which after all is what our business is all about!

Classic Business Cards

Stock Logos recently published a great post containing the business cards of ten famous people. They’re all from the 1980-1990’s and the retro-feel from the designs is just fascinating. We’ve picked three of our favourites to share with you below: Take a look at these classic business cards, including Bill Gates of Microsoft and Google's Larry Page. Are you interested in creating a classic business card?</body></html>

How can I refresh My brands identity?

Q: My branding is looking dated, what can you do to help?

A: Revolutionise your brand’s identity.

 A brand identity may start to look out dated after a few years, so it’s important to refresh it. It’s important to consider everything from your logo development through to web design, newsletters, signage and brochures. Typically, after we’ve met with you we’ll have a better understanding of your business.