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Share the love this XXMAS

Share the love this XXMAS

This year for our Christmas campaign we decided to do things a little differently. Instead of running a competition to win a prize we just wanted to get everyone to share the love this XXMAS. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the campaign visit to create and send a kiss!

Could Social Media be the Key to Politics?

MAXX has recently shared quite a few extracts from our favourite blogs and publications about how social media has been used in the US Republican and Democrat nomination campaigns, particularly a certain Donald Trump. But could social media be set to influence one of the biggest votes in British politics: the EU Referendum.

It’s Just Like Bacon and Eggs: Getting the Right Mix with Integrated Marketing

If you’ve attended a marketing focused meeting in the past few years, chances are you would have heard the word “integrated” used on a number of occasions, whether its, “how do we make this integrated” or “it needs to be integrated”. However this isn’t the boardroom waffle it may sound like - integration is the key to marketing success!

Some things just work better together. Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkel. Bacon and Eggs. Liked alone, but loved together; the result is better than the sum of the parts. And that’s the secret to integrated marketing.

Are you getting the most from your PPC campaigns?

PPC – or you may know it as ‘Pay Per Click marketing’, has been around for many years, but many businesses are still yet to use it. At MAXX we frequently find that clients are keen to know more about PPC: what it is and how it works. So, should you be using it & will it benefit your business? Hopefully this will help you decide if you are missing a trick regarding PPC.

N ti n l Bl d Week

You may have seen across our social media sites yesterday that we shared an article explaining why you may seen missing A’s, O’s and B’s across the Internet. It’s National Blood Week – or if you’re tweeting: #NationalBloodWeek, and to support and raise awareness about the national blood shortage, big brands across the country are giving up the relevant letters (#missingtype).

From concept to reality

Despite the popularity of digital marketing, there is still a place for traditional printed marketing materials. MAXX knows that Direct Mail pieces in particular are often responsible for lead generation and customer retention. We’ve recently undertaken a number of Direct Mail projects involving rugby balls, cupcakes and jelly beans… but we’ll update you on those later in the year!

4 Campaigns and WHY they are incredible

If they are going to have the impact they need, campaigns need to make a connection with the end user – they may be memorable, hard hitting or hilarious. It’s amazing just what is possible when it comes to campaigns that make an impact. Over the years we have seen print campaigns, online campaigns, campaigns via social media and campaigns that have worked across the board to promote long lasting change, promote brand new products or to completely rebrand a product or company.

Why will these 3 marketing campaigns change the world?

Just recently, you may have seen an article circulated on of some of the most powerful socio-economic campaigns in the world today. The list documented some of the best, most hard hitting, controversial but effective ongoing campaigns this year, and resulted in the list going viral. And what do these campaigns have in common? They all made a difference in a big way – using ingenious marketing and design techniques.