Business Identity

It's all 'Appening

It’s the new way of… living. Many people, in order to function every day, will get their Smartphones out and find a relevant App to solve their problems. A study by Pew research centre suggests that over half of adult phone owners have Apps that they use regularly: the business sector being one of the biggest categories of App-users. Think about it: how many do you have on your phone?

Campaigning in style

Take one bus…..   Recently MAXX were given a brief that not only tied in with the world’s excitement around a certain worldwide sporting event… (can you guess which one?), but also tested our design team’s abilities and creativity. A duo location technology company working in the mobile space, Arieso, had creative ideas for their marketing in quarter one this year – which we were thrilled to work on!   Our design and digital team were given an aim, a concept and a… bus! The London Olympic edition bus to be specific.

Branding works (If you do it right)

  If you have a strong brand, then you have already overcome the first hurdle towards success. Established brands get immediate recognition and following – if you do it right! Take Apple for example: they’ve just launched their new tablet. Here’s the buzz.

Top tips on good writing, and getting you FOUND.

  If you are a good writer, people should be reading your work. However, in a lot of cases authors don’t get found because they are using the wrong techniques - or not using enough of the right ones. Here are a few pointers to help your work stand out.   1.)   Write with purpose. You need to write for a reason – if you have no reason to write your content won’t mean anything to others.

Classic Business Cards

Stock Logos recently published a great post containing the business cards of ten famous people. They’re all from the 1980-1990’s and the retro-feel from the designs is just fascinating. We’ve picked three of our favourites to share with you below: Take a look at these classic business cards, including Bill Gates of Microsoft and Google's Larry Page. Are you interested in creating a classic business card?</body></html>