Business Identity

How the once mighty, have begun to fall…

Welcome to MAXX’s new technology slot.. Every week our technology guru Jerrell will be covering the latest in technology news, updates and pitfalls. This week he talks about BlackBerry. Welcome to 2015! It’s a New Year and a new start but for some companies this year could be the end of an era. One specific example is, BlackBerry – which is currently in the consumer firing line and this years ‘hot topic’ company to vanish.

How your choice of colour reflects you and your business

MAXX has recently had a number of discussions with its clients about colour including what colour a logo should be. The truth is every colour has its own meaning and every colour will create different reactions from individuals and organisations. When it comes to logos; for example, certain colours are used to represent different ideas. MAXX has covered some of the main colours you'll come across in the article below, and goes into detail about what each of these represent.  

How Design Can Define Brand

There are many reasons that a business might want to redo, reposition or change its brand. It could be that they are not attracting customers, introducing a new product range could change the company’s fortunes or the business could be experiencing growth and the current branding has not kept pace. Achieving brand definition is often therefore very challenging.

The do's and don't's of your about section

Have you ever spared a thought about how important the wording in your ‘about us’ section is on your website? More to the point, have you ever looked at someone else’s ‘about us’ section and been sold on the spot or immediately put off? It’s surprising how the right or wrong mix of words can sway our decision making. There are some things which have simply been said too many times, that are clichéd, predictable or overdone.  

Back to Fonts

As technology continues to grow and the editing of images becomes easier, designs of websites or other marketing materials have become focused on images. What many are forgetting is that the text on a design is part of the visuals, the simple decision of what font to use for your copy can make a huge difference to how the finished product looks. We need to go back to fonts and take a look at how important they can be.

3 big branding blunders

Every business gets to a point where they have to re-evaluate what they stand for, how their clients perceive them and the direction in which they are going - when it gets to that point a re-brand is sometimes in order. A brand refresh helps you get back on track, moulds you back into the business you want to be and updates the way you and other people see you.   A rebrand is a thought provoking and time consuming process, which ultimately results in clarity, purpose and success.

3 things to do today to improve your marketing

The sun is out. It’s holiday season. Whether it’s pre holiday excitement, or you’ve been revitalized by a summer break already, everyone is coming back to business fresh, rejuvenated and energized.   Now is the perfect time to make a change to your business and ensure the oncoming winter months are as busy as the start of the year (if not more!). Now is the time to become the envy of your competitors, and the object of conversation and excitement for your prospects.   Here are a few tips MAXX has put together for you to improve your brand reputation:  

This is why colour is vital for your marketing

When you were choosing your brand palette – how much thought did you give it at the time? A little? A lot? You’d be surprised at how much a colour choice can impact your brand, the image it portrays and the ‘clickability’ of it. Not only that, but it impacts on your customer audience and helps to define their choices too. Ever wondered if the ‘giants’ of the branding world thought about their colour choices? Of course they did.

It's not impossible to be the face that inspires a nation

So it’s February: the month of love, the graveyard of broken new years resolutions and the start to a year that some are already tired of. What is needed to perk you and your work ethic up – is inspiration. The type of inspiration that comes from watching a great movie or reading a book that makes you want to ‘get up and get going’!  It’s this kind of inspiration that needs to be transferred to your job, it not only makes your job more fulfilling and exciting, but it makes you more successful.