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Best Practice - it's good to share

small business best practise exchangeThis month saw MAXX Design published online in the Guardian Small Business Exchange, allowing other companies and potential customers to see our organisation amongst the best of British business.

Ensure you get your money back

Sometimes, you can scare yourself a little when you take a look at how much you are spending – and even though a little voice maybe reassuring you they are necessary costs, the 'crazed voice of panic' sometimes wins over! For instance, the costs you spend on your marketing are essential – but its safe to say you're going to be wanting that money back – AND some.   It's important then, to have a strong marketing strategy in place. It may cost, but the return on investment is more than worth your while if you do it properly.

What's this? Rewards with Social Media?

Just recently you may have heard the terms ‘Klout’ and ‘Kred’ bandied around: the two new Social Media tools that have hit the virtual world. Despite having been around for a while, it’s only now that businesses and users are beginning to catch onto their uses, and what the benefits can be. But what are Kred and Klout?

6 tips for an invincible web presence

In the heavy traffic of the virtual world (that only promises to get busier), what can businesses do to make a competitive dent and how do we make our mark?   Here are six vital principles to incorporate into your web activity so that you don’t disappear into the ether of online activity…  

How to make ANY business sound interesting

Am I not right in thinking – and I hope I am, that almost everyone thinks that their business is the best thing since sliced bread? Of course they do; and quite rightly too! You should undoubtedly be proud of your labours and take great interest in them, otherwise one suspects you are probably in the wrong business. However, it is the harsh way of the world that some professions tend to be more… well, interesting than others.

The BIG mobile CHANGE

THE MOBILE TRANSISTION: STARTS NOW.   The online world is changing. Rapidly.   Over the past 30 years, computers have changed from huge pieces of coded machinery, to brick-like Windows ’95’machines, to the streamlined laptops and PC’s of today - which are now rapidly being replaced by the likes of the Tablet and SmartPhone.

Small businesses: Power of referral

Growing business – The power of referrals

  According to some reports, a referred customer is 400% more likely to engage in business, after landing on your page, than a new visitor.   It applies to everything: whether it be shopping online, research on venues, restaurant browsing or something else – around half of the newcomers visiting your site will have been referred there by some kind of trusted recommendation.

Cathy’s favourite place...

Cathy's favourite place ...the Brecon Beacons National Park.   It’s a place that is close to my heart. I have very fond childhood memories of being there and as my Mum now lives there, I still visit it today.