Brochure Design

Our top tips to help your brochure stay in hands and out of bins

Print brochures are an incredibly effective method of targeting your key prospects, but they can also be very hit or miss. How many brochures have you accepted from somebody with a smile, only to dispose of them at the earliest opportunity?

Here we outline some tips to help your brochure stay in hands and out of bins.

Back to Fonts

As technology continues to grow and the editing of images becomes easier, designs of websites or other marketing materials have become focused on images. What many are forgetting is that the text on a design is part of the visuals, the simple decision of what font to use for your copy can make a huge difference to how the finished product looks. We need to go back to fonts and take a look at how important they can be.

Traditional print for schools: Shine

St Bartholomew’s School holds a special place in MAXX’s heart as we have many family ties with the school and the school is responsible for successfully launching Dermot’s children into the working world! As Dermot’s children seem to have turned out okay – we were thrilled to be able to give a little back and design its new prospectuses. In order to show off the school we arranged and directed professional photo shoots at the premises, designed and put together the suite of prospectuses and also managed all the printing.

Make your business shine

Newbury-based printed circuit board company, Garner Osbourne needed an up-to-date brochure that portrayed the company’s position in the market place, to reinforce their messaging to potential and existing clients. MAXX commissioned and art-directed an intensive photo shoot of the whole manufacturing process, used image-rich A3 spreads with powerful typography and contrasted these with pages of information with documentary-style images that demonstrated the production process.

What does YOUR colour choice say about you?

What does your colour choice say about you? When MAXX rebranded itself several months ago, we introduced a jazzy new rainbow colour palette across all our printed materials, which is also reflected in our website and blog. We have also more recently refreshed our business cards with a range of colours and styles for each person in the company. These have gone down particularly well - they certainly make an impact, which after all is what our business is all about!

Case Study: Lancing College Magazine

Lancing college magazine

During the winter of 2011 MAXX Design was delighted to work on Lancing College’s annual magazine. This top UK school is steeped in history and has been publishing a school magazine for over 100 years and we felt privileged to be asked to take responsibility for the design.

Printed literature

Q: Do customers still want printed literature or should everything be digital?

Printed literature A: Keep it printed – there’s nothing quite like the smell and touch of a newly printed brochure!   They can pick it up, hold it, read it and keep it.