Is Social Media Just a Fad?

With over 10 years of online growth, the question: ‘Is social media just a fad?’ Is still a topic of conversation within the world of business. With Linkedin and MySpace being founded in 2003, followed swiftly by other giants such as Facebook and eventually Twitter, many businesses still question whether social media is a fleeting craze – or really useful at all. Is there a right or wrong answer? Well… yes there is. The answer is no, it’s not a phase. Social media is constantly growing in numbers and has made a huge statement within our society and on a global scale.

5 best Christmas ads of 2014

So, it’s safe to say without fear of aggravating Christmas humbugs, that Christmas has well and truly arrived. And this year we have been truly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out our annual favourite adverts. In a season jam packed full of adverts, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd – and it’s a mean feat to come up with something different. We have picked our top 5 this year to share some laughter with our readers – and we’ll also let you know why they are so brilliant too – (In our opinion!). Enjoy a Christmas read and don’t forget to get involved in the comments below!

It's not impossible to be the face that inspires a nation

So it’s February: the month of love, the graveyard of broken new years resolutions and the start to a year that some are already tired of. What is needed to perk you and your work ethic up – is inspiration. The type of inspiration that comes from watching a great movie or reading a book that makes you want to ‘get up and get going’!  It’s this kind of inspiration that needs to be transferred to your job, it not only makes your job more fulfilling and exciting, but it makes you more successful.

Five of the greatest Christmas campaigns this year!

Who can ignore the warm and fuzzy feeling as Christmas comes closer? For many businesses it is a time to knuckle down, grab the sales hat and pin badges and prepare for festive chaos: and for others it’s a time to dust the office keyboards and create funny objects with the blu tac.   Because of the excessive hustle and bustle of the Christmas period, very few companies market themselves, over Christmas, as well as they normally do.

Campaigning in style

Take one bus…..   Recently MAXX were given a brief that not only tied in with the world’s excitement around a certain worldwide sporting event… (can you guess which one?), but also tested our design team’s abilities and creativity. A duo location technology company working in the mobile space, Arieso, had creative ideas for their marketing in quarter one this year – which we were thrilled to work on!   Our design and digital team were given an aim, a concept and a… bus! The London Olympic edition bus to be specific.

Advertising advice for beginners

advertising advice Q: We’re just about to try advertising for the first time, what advice can you give us? A: Grab your audience’s attention. Take a look through any magazine, walk down the street or turn on your TV and you’ll be bombarded by advertising.