Taste of MAXX

Taste of MAXX

Recently, we’ve been on a brand new sensory mission: an original campaign to appeal to all your senses. It’s been going well, but we want to make sure everyone has the chance to experience it for themselves! The first “taste” campaign consisted of a piece of direct mail targeted to hand-picked clients and contained some delicious white chocolate drops covered in multi coloured candy sprinkles.  This linked to a landing page on the website that showcased “hundreds and thousands of reasons to work with us” and a selection of some of our finest pieces of work.

The mailer was great fun to produce and even featured our Marketing Assistant Alice on the cover – the photoshoot took place in our own meeting room and caused much hilarity… we were vacuuming hundreds and thousands for many weeks after. Our next campaign appeals to your sense of scent - as our print is coffee scented and is accompanied by delicious coffee flavoured chocolate beans. 

We invite people to discover our “smooth and invigorating” design on our landing page. We also have campaigns planned for Touch, Listen and See. These mailers have been produced as part of an integrated campaign which carefully targets our clients and prospects in our key target sectors with specific examples of the different types of work we deliver e.g. design, websites, social media, campaigns etc.  It’s a complex campaign but we believe it will bring us results – its doing great so far! Can we do something similar for you? Get a taste of MAXX and explore our “taste” landing page. You’ll discover case studies from Highclere Castle, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Westminster School and many more.  


Check it out here!

If you love the landing page, leave us a comment as we love to hear all of your feedback. Remember if you’re hungry for design that brings you lasting success and you’ve enjoyed your taste of MAXX, to contact us today!