Share the love this XXMAS

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Share the love this XXMAS

Share the love this XXMAS

This year for our Christmas campaign we decided to do things a little differently. Instead of running a competition to win a prize we just wanted to get everyone to share the love this XXMAS. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the campaign visit to create and send a kiss!


One of our favourite things about this year’s campaign is that it involved all of our departments and became a real collaboration between the different teams.

Our design team started things off by creating a number of visual concepts. After sitting down with the marketing team, these concepts were hotly debated until the XXMAS concept was chosen.

The teams then worked together to expand the concept, deciding to add a map to track how far the campaign reached, they created a series of characters and included key statistics about the “most loved” names and locations.

The design team then visualised these ideas, creating the colourful festive design of each character which are rotated to ensure that every possible combination chosen can generated.

Exciting digital features were then added.

  • SVG’s for sharp, scalable images which can be animated.

  • Canvas used for the snow. The snow across the screen is fully randomised in size and the speed at which the snowflakes fall.

  • Randomised character sliders. This means that when a user opens the envelope they won’t land on the same character each time.

  • Dynamic results that keep the page up to date. Everytime a kiss is sent the page updates to reflect this.

  • Google API used for a customised map. We were able to customise the map to have the icons, buttons and animations in tune with the colour scheme of the page.

  • Geolocation API used to get the coordinates of the locations entered into the ‘Town’ field. This means that the location immediately appears on the map.

The digital communications team then used sponsored social media content to promote the campaign and increase its visibility.

Why not see for yourself and share the love this Christmas -

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