Our “Summer sum up” of the best campaigns this year, so far…

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Our “Summer sum up” of the best campaigns this year, so far…

By Holly Snowdon

Standing out in the highly competitive and oversaturated digital crowd is certainly a daunting task for any brand or business. With heaps of varied content being uploaded to the Internet every second, the likelihood of making an impact is slimmer than ever before!

Nonetheless, there are a number of canny and innovative organisations that are managing to successfully penetrate the noise. But how?! By developing campaigns which appeal to their audience’s emotions - that’s how! Whether it’s through use of humour, shock tactics, or even fear, these companies have applied a winning formula that has connected with the audience, prompted them to share the content and ultimately, they have created a buzz!

Here is a round up of some of our favourite campaigns of the year so far (with links to view them below):

KFC clean eating burger

This hilarious spoof by the popular fast food giant, KFC certainly got people talking! The clever parody, which makes fun of the clean eating movement, was created to help boost the sales of their Dirty Louisiana Burger and boy did it work! The video, which was shared on Facebook, was viewed over 10 million times and received thousands of likes and shares.

It’s safe to say that the bland, unappetizing sight of the ‘clean’ creation made the deliciously indulgent appearance of the Dirty Louisiana burger appear even more enticing and indulgent. This is perhaps why the sales of the Dirty Louisiana burger went through the roof after it’s launch and ended up selling out completely! A great example of how humour can help to stick in the minds of the consumer.


Salt Bae

I mean, how could we not mention Salt Bae?! Chef Nusret Gokce went viral after sharing his eccentric and highly comical salting technique to promote his restaurant. With over 8 million views on the video and a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram, it’s safe to say this unlikely icon has become a global phenomenon, with memes featuring his salting pose dominating social media and even featuring on items of clothing worn by celebrities such as Rihanna.

This campaign went down so well, he is now the owner of a thriving chain of steak houses across Turkey and is set to open his first restaurant in London due to hugely popular demand!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BPXdzRNjer8/?hl=en (keep watching until the end!)


On a slightly more serious note, this example produced by Barclays, particularly stood out to us as it emphasized just how easy it can be to be to accidentally give your information away online. This video is part of a series on security and the dramatic turns and deadpan acting seen in the series certainly emphasizes the seriousness of the issue and makes the viewer think twice!

The idea behind the campaign was to rebuild its trust levels with customers after a number of high profile scandals, which have been publicised in recent years. It was refreshing to see a campaign, which isn’t solely sales focused, but instead a message of advice, to help people prevent fraud. Issues of safety frequently come up during our social media training sessions and the advice seen in this particular video is vital to remember when it comes to safety online:


Air BnB

Another example, which particularly stood out to us, was the Air BnB ‘Live there’ campaign, which successfully injected a sense of wanderlust into even the less-well travelled viewer.

This social media campaign was created following some consumer research suggesting that 86% of users favour the platform over other travel sites, as they have the opportunity to experience their chosen destination like locals.

The campaign was featured across each of their social media platforms using the #livethere hashtag, and has received an impressive 11 million views on Facebook.


Essentially, if you want to create a successful campaign, which sticks in the minds of the target audience, it is vital to think outside the box and come up with something ground breaking! If you are interested in creating a video or a campaign, the teams here at MAXX would love to help. Click the link to see some examples on the website and/or give us a call on 01635 521224 for a chat!