4 Campaigns and WHY they are incredible

4 Campaigns and WHY they are incredible

If they are going to have the impact they need, campaigns need to make a connection with the end user – they may be memorable, hard hitting or hilarious. It’s amazing just what is possible when it comes to campaigns that make an impact. Over the years we have seen print campaigns, online campaigns, campaigns via social media and campaigns that have worked across the board to promote long lasting change, promote brand new products or to completely rebrand a product or company. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite funny, ingenious and epic campaigns – they all make an impact in their own way but they also showcase some truly fantastic examples of marketing in action (granted: some of these marketing budgets would have been quite enviable!)


The ones that made us think


An incredibly hard hitting image sparked debate across social media worldwide An incredibly hard hitting image sparked debate across social media worldwide


Moms Demand Action Charity Campaign: Moms Demand Action is a charity set up in America based on family values and nurturing to demand stronger gun laws in America. Just after Good Friday, this hard-hitting campaign was launched to promote how lax gun laws were in the US. The charity created and placed thought-provoking adverts on billboards and in magazines initially, to raise public awareness of the concerns. Then, to push the point home, sent Kinder eggs (a banned product in America due to small parts and choking hazards) to news teams around America to open up discussion and debate, as seen here. The image was shared across worldwide social networks thousands of times and prompted a huge amount of online discussion. The question asked was: “Why is it easier for an American to buy an assault weapon than it is to buy a chocolate Easter egg?” We loved this campaign because of its courage and simplicity; as well as being incredibly well managed over print AND digital platforms. The concept, although controversial was fearless and approached with confidence, creating a raging debate that is still on-going today; gathering over 220,000 followers on Facebook in just over a year.


The one that tickled us

Old Spice adverts – Smell like me: Sometimes an effective campaign is just something to make us laugh. Old Spice, being considered somewhat ‘old hat’ not only in brand but in scent as well, needed to change opinions quickly so as not to be overlooked by the modern youth of today. So, instead of rebranding and repackaging, it changed the image around its brand by releasing the viral video ‘The man your man could smell like.’

Remember this hilarious TV ad? Hardly an eyesore... Remember this hilarious TV ad? Hardly an eyesore...


This bizarre and hilarious TV ad turned into a viral sensation and lead to a series of more bizarre (some not fit for TV!) YouTube ads that gathered a cult-like following. Why do we love this? With this TV ad Old Spice managed to completely reinvent itself without actually changing the product in any way. In research, it discovered that over 50% of male deodorant and toiletry purchases were actually made by women which proved that the product needed to appeal to the ladies behind the purchases. Old Spice also started to release video responses to its YouTube comments and on the first day of its video response release they gathered 5.9 millions views. 6 months after the campaign, sales of Old Spice had increased 107% and in America, it had beaten all other shower brands to the number one body wash slot. Genius!  

The ones that confused us

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.38.47 Simple teaser videos were released from Xbox UK of perfectly normal footage. But what's that icon in the middle?


 Halo #EvilAwakens: Halo 4 release: Now, there are few other games that can match the brand giant that is the Halo gaming series and at least with its marketing methods, Halo doesn’t disappoint. Two years ago Halo pulled off an incredible campaign to launch its new game, Halo 4, with an incredible subliminal campaign that covered social media, online gaming, video and even real life events. Halo sent out small graphics to all existing gamers that eventually fitted together to make the brand new cover artwork for the new game and launched videos on Xbox channels with the hashtag #EvilAwakens and a simple logo. Of course, Halo told no-one what it was about, as the activity was meant purely to intruigue to create interest and mystery around the campaign. The company even flew an aircraft over the River Thames with the glowing red logo to create a storm. (We’d love to see that marketing budget!).

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 15.39.35 Every video ended with this logo and text.It was even flown across the Thames.


Watch some of their viral videos that took the gaming world by storm and confused Xbox users all over the world for months: Why we love it? By sending the gaming world into confused disarray for months, the build up to the fourth game was intense; creating a media storm without ever having to arrange an interview. Of course when all was revealed, everyone wanted a copy just to justify the frenzied months beforehand! The franchise reached a gross of £300 million in the first week of launch, which was a new record for the franchise.


The one that WOWed us

GoPro video campaign: This incredible campaign prompted those with a GoPro high definition personal camera to film their own extreme experiences and post them in a competition to be featured on the website and to win some kit. A stroke of genius! Firstly because it appealed directly to GoPro’s target market, and the response was phenomenal and secondly because it made you want to buy more kit just to be able to enter the competition! real-life-firefighter-saves-kitten-from-certain-death-in-latest-gopro-adThe whole thing went viral when a fireman submitted his own video, after breaking in to a smoke-filled room and saving a small kitten. The video was shared across social media, trended on Google+ and was a worldwide hit. What made this genius material? It was not only fantastically interactive, it also allowed GoPro to define itself as a brand through its fans’ entries and endorsements, leading to the epic and oh so stylish launch of their Hero camera. The fireman’s video was viewed by 25 million people - and that was just one entry. Watch it at the top of this blog, or on YouTube. Undoubtedly, these campaigns have marketing budgets to die for, and a huge demographic to appeal to. But it’s campaigns like these that open our eyes to what is possible, what people respond to and what we can get away with. Hopefully you took some inspiration from these brilliant campaigns – which one was your favourite? If you need help with your campaigns, MAXX specialises in making them work for you, no matter how big or small, with direct mail, print, web and social media campaigns. We have a vast amount of business to business experience and successful track record of almost 20 years. Get in touch today if you want to do something a little different with your marketing this time around!