Video Marketing- The power to draw in potential business

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Video Marketing- The power to draw in potential business

If you’re feeling like you’re neglecting something from your list of marketing activities, it’s highly likely that video marketing is the missing link! Online videos are swiftly becoming one of the most popular ways for people to search for information on services and products. With 52% of marketers worldwide naming video as the type of content with the highest ROI (Business to Community), businesses and brands across the globe are rapidly discovering that video enables them to communicate more efficiently and effectively than most other forms of content (regardless of the industry!).

In our digitally saturated world, we are becoming more impatient and people’s attention spans are getting increasingly shorter. Videos are a great way of captivating the impatient ‘scrollers and skimmers’ who do not have the time or patience to read through reams of marketing collateral. When done professionally they are engaging, easy to absorb, entertaining and can help to present an authentic and human side to your business, which people will be able to relate to.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hire the next Steven Spielberg to create an extravagant new film for you; video is totally feasible for companies of any size, regardless of the budget! In fact, low budget, down-to-earth videos can often be the most effective!

Essentially, a well-crafted video has the power to draw in potential business, influence buying decisions and bring your brand to life!

Top ideas to include in your marketing videos

Employees on camera:

Getting your faces on camera to give an explanation about the business and its history can be a great way of providing the viewer with a deeper understanding of the company and what it stands for. As video is the next best thing to conversing in person, this is a great way of introducing employees and building trust. Following this, a ‘day-in-the life’ experience of one of the employees or perhaps a virtual tour of the facilities are also great ways of promoting your organisation.

The Problem Solving approach:

Creating video footage which promotes your service/product will always be beneficial, especially when it illustrates your company’s ability to solve a problem. This could include producing straightforward footage of how your product/service works, emphasising how it has benefitted other clients or perhaps filming testimonial interviews with satisfied clients/customers. These are both effective ways of building trust.

Get Emotive:

Echoing the sentiments of an earlier blog post (The power of emotive marketing), playing to the viewer’s emotions via video can be an effective way of securing new business and maintaining loyalty. In fact, in many cases, this may be more effective than the hard selling approach (videos focused solely on product/service). Whilst these types of videos may not bring about direct sales, they are an effective way of provoking positive word of mouth and will make people aware of your company’s culture and values.

For example, if your company has taken part in some kind of charity event or has contributed in some way to the local community, filming this will help to create a positive impression as well as illustrating to the viewer what you feel passionately about.

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