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Top tips on good writing, and getting you FOUND.


If you are a good writer, people should be reading your work. However, in a lot of cases authors don’t get found because they are using the wrong techniques – or not using enough of the right ones. Here are a few pointers to help your work stand out.


1.)   Write with purpose. You need to write for a reason – if you have no reason to write your content won’t mean anything to others. Whether it be to amuse people, to gain a following or to accomplish a personal goal you must have direction and aim to give your audience a reason to keep on reading, just as it gives you a reason to write.


2.)   Have you ever looked at a featured business article, skimmed it, and realised that being stuck on a desert island would be less dry than your current read? Don’t set a tone. Many people make this mistake, and it makes writing dull. If you actively try and change your writing style for specific articles, you can end up boring and identical to the thousands of other articles before you – and therefore not worth the read. This is why ‘putting on’ a professional voice often makes you appear like an amateur. Use your own voice… just make sure to cut out the ‘likes’ and the ‘lol’s’ and the more abrasive language! If you write in your own personal tone your content will be more fun, upbeat, and relatable. Stand out, and be confident in the way you express yourself through words.


3.)   Give them something. Your own reason to keep them reading – they need to gain something from your work, otherwise it’s pointless! You can do this by giving them valuable information, entertainment, or a strong compelling message.


4.)   Being a good writer is one thing. Getting found is an entirely different one: but also vital for your success. If you want to combine the two, you need to start using keywords. This is all part of a process called Search Engine Optimization, which helps you get found on the Internet. MAXX offers an SEO service, and for best results you should consult with professionals: but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a start yourself! Put relevant keywords in your article that are likely to be searched on Google: for instance, if you are writing an article on pet care, a commonly searched phrase would be ‘pet care help’. If you use this phrase across your entry often, you are more likely to rank higher in Google search results.


5.)   Keep it precise. We now live in the world of the 140 character ‘Tweet’: people don’t like to spend too much of their busy lives reading a new 3 page article. Anything you need to say should be put simply, and making an important point in one sentence rather than three is going to be far more attractive to your readers. Remember, they are busy too!



Being a successful online writer is a mixture of personality, topic relevance and also how easy you are to find. At MAXX we offer all services: from digital work, web design and SEO, to  branding, graphic design and beautiful print work. Contact us for Social Media help, amongst many other high quality services. For more hints and tips join the blog community and subscribe (it’s free!), and don’t forget we are on Twitter and Facebook too!

Ellie Selby

Ellie Selby is the social media manager at MAXX Design and is in charge of all of our social media outlets. Ellie has also maintained a number of social media accounts for our clients, including Topcon, SANE and Black Dog Tribe. She combines her stylised writing with great business strategy and key information to create our blogs. Ellie not only can help you maintain your social strategy, but also can train you, tailor a strategy for you, or work together with you to create a successful and profitable social media presence. In her spare time, Ellie is a chronic cat lover, an Amateur Dramatic Thespian/Over-actor, and occasionally puts pen to paper to do the odd illustration.

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