A Sign of Storm Doris!

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A Sign of Storm Doris!

With winds of just over 90mph, Storm Doris hit the UK hard on 23rd February and whilst Newbury and parts of the South of England didn’t get hit as hard as the rest of the UK, the winds were strong enough to tear down our sign!

Our lovely banner on the outside of the building had been blowing around all day making the screws looser and looser and by about 14:30 the top half of the sign had completely come away from the wall and ended up on the ground. Our Web Developer Silviu was the first on the scene and got it tied up quickly so that it couldn’t blow around anymore or crash into anyone's car! Crescent Signs did a fantastic job of getting to us quickly and taking the rest of the sign down before there was anymore damage to the wall or any individual!

If you have visited the MAXX office you will know satnavs and Google Maps have a bad habit of sending people in the wrong direction! With no rhyme or reason either – some have ended up being directed right into the canal whilst others have been taken to the library! We are thrilled to have a great new banner that helps showcase our offices and location.

We are very pleased with Crescent Signs who not only replaced the sign but also attached it in a different way so it is now flat on the wall, which means no more blowing around and better protection from Storms Fleur, Gabriel and Holly! These are genuinely some of the storm names we have coming up according to the Met Office!

Next time you’re visiting us, please look out for our new sign! If you wanted to update your own signage MAXX can help with the design and management of getting this installed (with special attention on how it would respond to weather conditions!) visit https://www.maxx-design.co.uk/design/large-format-print or contact us today for more.