The purge of fake Instagram followers

The purge of fake Instagram followers

The distress is ongoing...


Yesterday Instagram users woke up to a big shock. Millions of fake accounts were removed from the service, dramatically depleting some users followers. All in all, celebrity accounts seem to be the ones most affected by the rapid purge of fake accounts; Justin Bieber lost a huge chunk of followers, reported at 3.5 million (not such a loss if you ask me…)! Instagram has lost the most followers, with 19 million fans disappearing into nowhere: and many users have turned to leaving fiery and enraged comments on the accounts pictures whilst also trying to get people to unfollow the account.

I don't think this user realises that the mass clean up has already happened... Your 200 followers are long gone.


This purge is site-wide so this has affected all users with fake accounts on their followers list, though some will have been more affected than others. Some believe this to be a good thing: whereas others are the complete opposite. Users have taken to deleting their accounts out of sheer distress - for instance, ex-user chiragchirag78 lost 4 million followers: he was left with only 8 followers and was so distraught with the mass loss that deleting the account was the only option left (apparently). Personally, I was affected by the loss but not by a great deal (luckily). The followers I lost clearly never made any interaction with my collection of pictures. This is how users should be seeing this purge, the accounts did nothing and they never would have.

So angry, Boston is to blame!


The fake accounts I had were accumulated by hashtags that I used on some of my pictures, resulting in me not losing a great deal. Other fake followers were purchased, so when they were deadened, it completely exposed some users. The MAXX take on it is simple: you only need the followers that provide you with quality engagement, interaction and support. Whilst you must absolutely focus on accumulating followers for your account (and the more followers you have, the better you look) you needn’t stress if fake accounts or spam accounts aren’t following you anymore. What good will a disembodied account with no real connections do you anyway? What do you think of the mass clean out? Were you affected by this mass purge and if so how many followers did you lose?