A new chapter

A new chapter

There are some really exciting things happening in life right now: not only for me but also for MAXX and my new colleagues too. I think it’s the summer air - it really brings out the best in people (watch this space)!

So to introduce myself, I am Josh, I was born and raised in South Africa, which is an amazingly beautiful country, and I’m a dog person. I am naturally creative and dabble in photography however I really enjoy being social and being active. I have recently taken up golf as well; so will keep you posted on the progress of that over the summer.

So, I am the newest member joining the family here at MAXX (I would say ‘team’, however my first impressions says ‘family’ is a much more appropriate description). I have a creative background studying Graphic Design for 3 years at possibly one of the most current and atmospheric cities ever… Brighton. I also have business development experience through my working career and after a very thorough and somewhat nerve-wrecking interview process, I am delighted to call myself ‘Business Development Manager’ here at MAXX. Thank you.

My initial welcome to the company was so warm and supportive: these first few days have been anything but terrifying, instead I have really got a sense of the mechanics of the business and the ethos they are so proud to uphold. This is so evident with our client relationships where meetings are accompanied with tea, cake and plenty of jokes, and relaxed professionalism is maintained through out any project from start to finish without quibble. I find it extraordinary, as there is such a difference in structure to what I have experienced, however this is where I will thrive.

So now its really starting to move I have already started with to employ my own way of working. I’m sure that there will be more to come from me, and lots more updates on my progress as I foresee many exciting things for the future. Watch this space. Josh.