N ti n l Bl d Week

N ti n l Bl d Week

You may have seen across our social media sites yesterday that we shared an article explaining why you may seen missing A’s, O’s and B’s across the Internet. It’s National Blood Week – or if you’re tweeting: #NationalBloodWeek, and to support and raise awareness about the national blood shortage, big brands across the country are giving up the relevant letters (#missingtype). The campaign seeks to not only raise the poignant issue of blood being in short supply, but to also raise awareness of it’s shortage specifically within ethnic minority groups, who make up less than 5% of blood donations in the UK and whose blood is in high demand. MAXX have not only been inspired by the cause behind National Blood week, but also by it’s great design and execution. The Campaign is not only intelligently located in order to reach target audiences, it is also extremely well crafted, specifically by breaking branding rules (a big deal!), utilizing digital and using social media in a big way. The amount of planning and effort to get large flagship brands like Waterstones, Green and Blacks, BBC News Beat and The Daily Mirror on board is commendable, and is a shining example of joined up marketing. MAXX has jumped on board this week: will you?

Blood type lables for national blood week Blood type lables


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