MAXX is now CSR Accredited!

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MAXX is now CSR Accredited!

We are excited to announce that MAXX has been awarded a silver status award in recognition of our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility with CSR Accreditation It’s a really important certification that shows we are a business that takes active steps to create a positive working environment, ultimately impacting the wider environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Accreditation shows that a business has integrated social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into their operations and strategy. This accreditation asks each organisation to outline its efforts in four key areas: Environmental, Workplace, Community and Philanthropy and to demonstrate that the company actively sets out to have a positive impact on society. Ultimately Corporate Social Responsibility is about businesses leading by example and creating a happy, environmentally conscious and forward-thinking environment for employees and customers alike.

In MAXX’s case, we showcased our environmental policy, including energy efficient lighting and our recycling efforts as well as our reach and relationship with the local community highlighted in our social impact. Examples of this include: offering work experience to local students, developing young talent, supporting other local businesses and supporting local charities. The MAXX mantra that sits at the heart of the business echoes the core values we stand for and actively practice in the workplace: be creative, be honest, be bold, be happy, be MAXX.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a topical issue in recent times, with several big brands getting caught up in controversies relating to working conditions, operational processes and the sourcing of materials. Consumers want to trust the companies that they engage with. Potential clients, employees and partners can clearly see accredited organisations as businesses that are transparent and take an active role in society. CSR relates to all industries, and as consumer attitudes shift more towards trust as a key decision making factor, it will only get more important for businesses to act upon.

We are thrilled to be recognised for our CSR and be awarded a silver status as a result. Getting involved in the community and maintaining a happy working environment have always been the core aims of our business, and we are delighted that this has now been formally acknowledged.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming accredited, visit the CSRA website