5 Huge logo icons – over the years

The power of a logo can be simply astonishing if used correctly. You can take the world by storm. How many of these examples can you find etched into objects all around you? Lets have a look at the biggest logo campaigns existing worldwide: and see how far they’ve come!


First off we have the biggest apple on the tree. This logo has become so iconic it’s impossible to miss and is almost infectious.

apple logo old new


The impressive thing about Apple Inc.’s logo is that even though there are clear modifications: smoothing edges, adding a 3D dimension – Apple were pretty spot on 35 years ago. The most important feature of a logo is to be timeless and always relevant, to be versatile and ‘tweakable’ for times ahead. Apple have undoubtedly perfected this. Loving the retro colours though…


Now here’s some food for thought! Everyone knows the great golden arches from McDonald’s…

mcdonalds logo old new


From basic word clip art to a smooth and well-structured template – they’ve gotten rid of the pixels and gone for bold style and sophistication. We’ll say nothing.


This should make you smile. Who remembers this little fellow as you waited that timely half an hour for your computer to load, idly flicking your corded roller ball mouse and watching the large rotating sand timer on your desktop…?

windows logo old new


Microsoft Windows have done exceedingly well though and gone for minimalist and modern with bright dimensional colours. You can just about see the remnants of the fantastically retro past in the new design, and we are thankful.


Next we have a simple change, but they still manage to sum up logo modernization through the most basic of techniques.

mars bars old and new logo


Goodbye old, chunky text! And in with curved, outlined and embossed text. Subtle, but genius. Good job Mars! Oh, and well-done for the logo design too…


Last we come to our good friend Google, who seems to have gone against the trends and done the complete opposite! Google have gone from shiny and polished 3D and transformed the famous colour ball back to an astonishingly retro design.

google new old logo


It seems to make sense: instead of showing off with unneeded effects, they have reverted back to a simple structure with minimal shading. Looks much nicer, and cleaner on the desktop too, and we think it’s a good move!


Do you have any examples of some famous logo changes? Or are there any you’ve spotted in dire need of a makeover? Comment below with suggestions – and don’t forget to subscribe!


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