KFC plucks back consumer confidence

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KFC plucks back consumer confidence

Did you hear about the recent KFC chicken crisis?

Due to logistical issues with delivery firm DHL; nearly all of the chain’s 870 outlets in the UK were forced to temporarily cease trading.

Obviously this provoked somewhat of an uproar as fried chicken fanatics up and down the country expressed their dismay over being temporarily deprived of their favourite fast food snack.

However, whilst the situation could undoubtedly have proven to be disastrous for the chain, thanks to the cheery, apologetic advert that was released soon after, the brand and its reputation are still intact.

For those who haven’t seen, its ‘damage control’ advert featured a subtle rearrange of the company name to spell ‘FCK’, which effectively acknowledged its blunder. This small change was enough to grab people’s attention whilst maintaining the strong brand recognition.

The ad went to print and was posted on its various social media platforms just days after the crisis, reaching a vast number of people in a small amount of time. The company also promptly created a landing page on its website which enabled consumers to find out more about what had happened and to establish which outlets had been reopened - yet again proving that a mixture of print and digital is a winning combination!

The brand neglected to go over the top with gushing apology statements and cringe-worthy handwringing, instead using a more appropriate message to reach their target audience.

So, whether you’re a fan of the brand or not, you have to admit that KFC has not only redeemed itself, but has also reminded us that we are all, after all, only human and everyone can make a mistake.

Essentially with a dash of humour and quick thinking, it is possible for brands to turn things around after potentially disastrous situations!