It's not impossible to be the face that inspires a nation

It's not impossible to be the face that inspires a nation

So it’s February: the month of love, the graveyard of broken new years resolutions and the start to a year that some are already tired of. What is needed to perk you and your work ethic up – is inspiration. The type of inspiration that comes from watching a great movie or reading a book that makes you want to ‘get up and get going’!  It’s this kind of inspiration that needs to be transferred to your job, it not only makes your job more fulfilling and exciting, but it makes you more successful.  

I wonder what will inspire me today? I wonder what will inspire me today?


It might sound like a challenge – how on earth do you wake up every day feeling inspired? But actually, it’s not impossible to attain. There are many great people in the world who have woken up feeling inspired every single day, and those are the people that have become either household names or names bandied about in the business sphere on a daily basis. We’ve selected a few great, modern names, brands, and normal people that do this every single day, and how you can learn from them.  

  •   The celebrity: Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs was said to ask himself every morning, when he got up: ‘If today was my last day on earth, would I want to do what I’m supposed to do today? If the answer’s no, then I know something needs to change.’   That might seem like a bizarre statement. What would I do if it was my last day on earth? Skydive. Go to the beach. See family. Outlandish dreams aside: what if it was your last day on earth, and it was also your average working day? If the whole planet was wiped out today and you were sat at your desk, doing your job – are you passionate enough to think ‘I love what I’m doing. It’s not ideal, but I’m cool with that.’?   People that are passionate and inspired in their work do great things, and although we might not all own a yacht, private jet and have a swimming pool, we should all embrace our professions and allow them to inspire us. Find something you love doing – and you will naturally excel.       •      The brand: Red Bull

felix-baumgartner-red-bull-stratos-01 It would take all of the Red Bull in the world to catch me jumping from the edge of the stratosphere!


Which brand portrays itself as pushing the limits, inspiring staff, customers and associated partners on a regular basis? Red Bull. Red Bull is the killer brand than knows no boundaries, it exudes excitement, daring, and inspirational feats. They described Felix performing the stratos jump as: ‘Felix took a calculated risk, and pressed on.’   A calculated risk? Jumping from the edge of the stratosphere!? The fact Red Bull is so inspiring – is because 1.) The brand is, put simply, cool 2.) Energy is its name, Energy is its game – its branding is pretty solid and 3.) It promotes the ideology that if you ARE encountering a problem, whether it be falling from a plane, or dealing with a client – you press on, weigh up your options, and sometimes you take a calculated risk. Leave the drama out, and press on. If that isn’t inspiring, I do not know what is.       •      The person: Brad Burton So, it’s great talking about the inspiring millionaires and brand giants out there: but not all of us have four million units of Apple Mac to sell, and not all of us can ride a motorbike with no hands. The normal people can take inspiration from the giants, but it’s true that the world just doesn’t have room for six billion Albert Einstein’s, Bill Gates’ and Da Vinci’s. But you can still be great, live an inspiring life in a profession that excites you, and inspire other people whilst you’re at it.   Brad Burton, budding business entrepreneur and author of the book ‘Get off Your Arse’ – Is quite simply, a person like you or I, with an idea that he was passionate about and a good set of lungs on him. Using his motivational speaking and his writing skills he has inspired numerous businesses and business people every day to rethink their work ethic, their outlook on life and has helped them to increase their success because of it.   If you’re inspiring other people day by day, then surely – you can’t help but feel inspired yourself.   It sounds like a lot to ask, but it’s a matter of doing what you’re passionate about. All of these people started out as we did, and although we may not have the same skillsets, we can aim for the same feelings achieved when we work. A pay cheque is lovely, but self-fulfillment is paramount.   At MAXX you’ll find the whole team is passionate about design and inspiring other businesses to look and feel different. We can help you increase your leads through creative direct mailers, online campaigns, rebranding, brochures, and creative web solutions. Why not contact us today if you’re feeling ready for a refresh?   Don’t forget to subscribe, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more weekly blog articles and advice – or perhaps leave your own opinions below in the comment box?