The importance of bringing your branding into your workplace

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The importance of bringing your branding into your workplace

At the end of last year, I was at a networking event and the discussion around our table was around increasing productivity. We spent a fair bit of time talking about the importance of keeping our employees motivated and engaged. I mentioned that I thought our recent office move had seemed to be a factor in our staff motivation as we all were benefiting from improved office conditions including near-natural LED lighting (thanks to Quicklight!), open plan seating that enables us to collaborate easily with colleagues and a chill out area for informal meetings and breaks.

Thinking about this further, I realise that the office move had a positive impact on our business in many more ways. By being able to paint the walls with our own colours; adding our branding to the walls and interior decoration and encouraging staff to choose office art to decorate our walls (as well as Dermot’s own creations!), we had actually created a way for our staff and our visitors to “step into our brand”.

All this was further helped by the generous gift of a matching pair of branded fridges from our client, Smeg UK and our Creative Director, Matt’s ingenious idea to add pantone and html colours as risers to our stairs – perfect steps for a creative agency! We have brought in some nice green leafy plants and are about to add our own MAXX mantra to our walls together with a blackboard for staff to share news, messages or, no doubt, bad jokes!  It’s taken a while but it’s all coming together really well.

I was listening to Adrian Powell, MD of office refurbishment company Active FM talking recently. Adrian said it was well known that when you start to open up a working environment, the increased space works on people’s minds too. It certainly seemed to work for us; when we moved we found collaboration easier and ideas seem to really flow – even our plans and horizons seemed wider! It may sound far-fetched but it really does seem to work. Adrian quoted a recent Gallop survey said that a positive working environment contributed to 37% lower absenteeism, 21% increase in productivity, 10% increase in customer satisfaction and lower staff turnover.

What started as a bit of a crisis, when our old landlord decided to increase our rent by 40%, forcing us to look around for alternative accommodation, has turned into a really positive move for us. Not only are we all much happier in our new custom-designed offices, but our clients seem to like it too. As one of our suppliers said to me when we moved in “you look like a proper business now!” Although this was a tongue in cheek comment, he had a point and we all genuinely believe that when prospective clients visit they now have a very different first impression of us, one that we believe is really helping us to win more business and attract larger clients.

When you think about applying your branding – don’t forget your workplace. If carefully designed and carefully implemented, creating a building that is a physical manifestation of your brand identity means that when prospective clients call to see you, they can physically “step into your brand” when they step over the threshold.

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