Does location matter when choosing the right agency?

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Does location matter when choosing the right agency?

Does it matter to people where their chosen agency is located? Due to the accessible nature of technology in the world today, it is now possible for us to easily communicate with people practically anywhere across the globe – so do you need your agency to be on your doorstep?

Whereas there are some real benefits from being able to pop in to see your designer or chat with your developer at the drop of a hat, there is no denying that in the past, there was a perception that the best way for an agency to experience success was to be based slap bang in the middle of London.

But is this still the case?

It is apparent that London can be an ideal location for creative agencies, mostly because of the vast number of people, large brands and businesses (often with deep pockets!) headquartered there. Selecting an agency close by is often convenient for both parties, especially when an abundance of copy is being produced and approved to tight deadlines.

However, due to the soar of property costs in the capital and premium salaries compared to other UK locations, it is evident that being London-based simply is not an option for many smaller or newer businesses.

London is arguably saturated with marketing and creative agencies, all likely to charge a premium due to location alone. This in turn has prompted start-ups and businesses with more limited budgets to seek better value agencies elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean that these businesses are missing out on skill or quality of work by any means. In fact, according to industry experts, agencies in more remote or unlikely locations can often attract the most gifted and accomplished employees away from the London hothouse.

What’s more, smaller creative agencies are arguably more likely to make their customers feel really valued and can offer a much more personal touch, with guaranteed effective communication. Getting to know the entire team is also much more feasible with smaller agencies, which enables the opportunity to build sturdy long-term relationships and thus boosting the likelihood of client satisfaction. 

All in all, (and we may be biased!), but it must be a wise idea to base your agency selection on expertise and capability of the people in the business - rather than a London location. By selecting to work with an agency outside of London, you have the opportunity to reduce costs whilst still receiving a quality service and some seriously top-notch creative work.

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