New school prospectus

Pimlico Academy and Sixth Form College

New prospectuses for Pimlico Academy and Sixth Form College We've been working with Pimlico Academy and Sixth Form College, a new academy in London that specialises in the arts and history, to design, photograph and print its new prospectuses.   The first prospectus provides an overview of the academy, whilst the second focuses on post-16 education. It was important that both prospectuses had a professional look and feel to reflect the high standards of the academy and "outstanding" assessment from Ofsted.   For the design, we ensured that each prospectus was clearly laid out with lots of white space to make the content eye-catching and easy to read. We ensured the structure of each prospectus flowed to keep the reader engaged and tell them everything they need to know about the academy. And we highlighted sections of Pimlico's Ofsted report to help build its credibility and reassure both parents and students.   Photography was key to the prospectuses. We wanted to encapsulate the school and give prospective students an accurate reflection of what to expect on a day-to-day basis. Therefore we didn't want posed shots as the pupils needed to look as if they were taking their time in school seriously; doing the best they can for themselves and the school. Furthermore, we wanted to show Pimlico as a busy, tidy, well-run and professional place of learning, and show the breadth of facilities and opportunities delivered by the school. And it was crucial that we show good interaction and relationships between the students and teaching staff.   One of our specialties is producing printed literature for schools. And the finished prospectuses for Pimlico stand up against the best schools in the country, including independent schools.   After the finished work had been delivered, our client said, "We are very happy with the Pimlico prospectuses and we have had good feedback from staff and governors. The quality of finish is very nice."

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