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Case Study: Lancing College Magazine

Lancing college magazine

During the winter of 2011 MAXX Design was delighted to work on Lancing College’s annual magazine. This top UK school is steeped in history and has been publishing a school magazine for over 100 years and we felt privileged to be asked to take responsibility for the design.


To give it a fresh and recognisable new look MAXX’s talented designers carefully utilised the variety of photographs and articles given to them – which already were full of personality and identity – and made the most of showcasing the students’ work, laying out single pages and glossy spreads of the pictures and text. MAXX knew it had to feature Lancing’s iconic blue corporate colour and it appeared subtly throughout, giving the magazine a clean, crisp and classic look.


The finished magazine is a piece of striking print, emitting an exciting sense of quality, pride and excellence: reflecting the College itself.


Consequently the magazine ended up with over 100 pages of text and photographs, and all 5,500 copies were printed on time. Although the design is set for the next 2/3 years it is likely to need updates in line with new yearly content and it will be a pleasure to work with Lancing College again. The school commented that the design was “bright and inviting” and “the change of style has moved the publication on for a new generation.  Thanks for all your hard work.”

Ellie Selby

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