Are Vloggers the new celebrities?

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Are Vloggers the new celebrities?

Last weekend Vlogger and YouTube sensation James Charles (you can check out his YouTube channel here) visited the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham to open a brand new Morphe store, previously only available in London.

(Also if you haven’t watched his YouTube videos “you can use code James for 10% off” - this is one of his catchphrases along with “Hi Sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel”)

This shows an incredible 8,000 of his fans (called Sisters) bringing Birmingham to a standstill for just a short appearance outside the store. Last year he released his own eyeshadow palette which has already sold out twice worldwide!

Take a look at his video below in collaboration with Kylie Jenner:

What is a vlogger?

A vlogger is a video blog usually shortened to vlog. This is a form of blog in the medium of video and then posted onto YouTube.

Why are vloggers/YouTubers becoming so big?

YouTube stars are becoming the newest type of influencers for brands. For example, James Charles posts videos of himself trying different makeup and products, some are sponsored by the brands he uses but more often than not he is giving his honest opinion and is not being paid to do so. Therefore if he gives a good review of a makeup product his 13 million subscribers are more likely to buy the beauty product he is talking about.

This is a MAJOR marketing opportunity for brands to get behind, most YouTubers are gifted the products or services they review on their channels and they are allowed to give their own opinion on what they thought about it.

How do they make money from a vlog?

There are many different ways YouTubers make money from vlogs.

  • Affiliate links - This is where a YouTuber is not sponsored by the brand so can give their honest opinion of the product but will leave the links in the description to the products they review, this then means they earn commission on every product bought using the link.

  • Sponsorship - Some videos will be sponsored by the brand. This means that the YouTuber will usually be sent products by the company directly or through their PR firm. Sponsorship is also a lot harder to get as vloggers need to have a lot of subscribers and be a good representation of the brand and its values.

  • Google AdSense - This is a quick and easy way to monetise videos. It allows others to advertise on a YouTube channel’s content. Money starts to be made when a viewer engages with the advert.

Are there any issues with Vlogging

One main issue is influencers not making it clear when they are being paid by a brand or if the products/services are gifted. You can read about this in my last blog post ‘Changing the way that celebrities advertise on social media’ which explains this issue in more detail and what’s being done to combat it.  

Another issue is with bogus companies, pretending to be big brands, inviting YouTubers to exclusive events that don’t exist. I recently listened to Sophdoesnails who explained what happened to her when she got invited out to New York with a range of other young female YouTubers. You can watch this video below:

However, despite these issues, Vloggers, Bloggers and YouTubers are becoming well known in our society; even being cast in mainstream reality TV shows, for example,  I’m a Celebrity - Jack Maynard and Strictly Come Dancing - Joe Sugg.

In conclusion, from a brand point of view, YouTubers and vloggers are becoming the next generation of celebrities as they have a large following and have built up trust, in some  cases over many years. So depending on your product and market, striking a deal with a YouTuber or vlogger could be a really powerful tool in your marketing mix and certainly worth considering in a marketing strategy and plan.  

If you would like to discuss how you can incorporate influencer marketing within your marketing strategy - or explore whether it is the right approach to your product and market, get in touch with me today and come in for a chat - [email protected]


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