Performance Redefined – MAXX supports Metamark with exciting product launch materials

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Performance Redefined – MAXX supports Metamark with exciting product launch materials

Over the last year MAXX has built up a strong and supportive working relationship with Metamark, the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of self adhesive SignVinyl, Digital Media and Speciality Materials. From wall coverings to wraps for cars – if you think of an object or surface, the chances are Metamark can give you the materials to wrap your design over it!

Today Metamark launches its new flagship product, MetaCast a premium digital cast film that is easier to apply and more durable, making it perfect for vehicle wrapping. Recesses and curves are no longer a problem as MetaCast is so flexible during installation. This is a very exciting time for Metamark and MAXX is thrilled to have helped create a number of marketing assets to support the launch including a logo, launch video, product catalogue and other printed materials.

One of the most exciting parts of this project was being given creative freedom right from the beginning. One of our first tasks was to meet internally to think about concepts for the video and ongoing promotional items. We always enjoy campaigns that start this way, an open environment where people aren’t afraid to suggest ideas, more often than not the ideas our clients ultimately choose have a number of different elements that have been inspired by different members of the team. After working closely with Metamark on their printed materials and branding for over a year, we felt confident in our ability to present ideas that aligned with the company’s values and mission.

MAXX then began to design the printed materials and to plan the launch video. A brochure was created showcasing an exciting range of new Metamark accessories. Creating engaging catalogues that showcase products is something that the design team at MAXX have become experts in over the last few years. As our designer Emily explains:

“People often don’t realise how much thought needs to go into them. Creating consistency but also making sure that the pages don’t feel repetitive can be a big challenge. Equally the copy itself and the layout needs to be carefully considered. You need to make sure you sell the benefits of each product but you also want to avoid something that is too text heavy. Getting the balance right on each page for every single product is vital when it comes to creating something that holds people’s attention”.

The launch video, which features a car being wrapped in Metacast, was also particularly exciting for MAXX as it gave us the opportunity to work in a cool industrial setting and play with lighting, smoke and special effects. The two guys wrapping the car however probably did not appreciate us covering the floor around the car with water because it made the setting look even more dynamic!

Our Head of Marketing Chris had this to say:

“I’m really proud of the finished video produced for Metamark. The camerawork and lighting is unlike anything we’ve produced before and it’s a great addition to our video portfolio. Throughout the entire production process the excitement and enthusiasm was evident in everyone, from the guys at Metamark to the team who filmed and edited the video. To have delivered such a great finished product and have that much fun along the way feels too good to be true!

We are really proud of the work that has been undertaken for this project, Metamark is now armed with a suite of impressive launch materials and after meeting the sales team at a recent product launch event at the British Motor Museum we have no doubt they are about to make an impact!

If you are looking to launch a new product into the market and want help creating materials to support this just call 01635 521224 or email [email protected] to see how we could help.