How deliciously creative: Domino’s FASHiN

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How deliciously creative: Domino’s FASHiN

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you! ‘The official food of everything’ delivered an extra slice to London Fashion Week by launching a limited-edition fashion collection in collaboration with luxury streetwear designer, Liam Hodges. 

Dominos are known for being the food of ‘night ins’ and now you can buy the clothes to match the occasion: FASHiN. There are three items and they are all designed for those winter nights when you’re binge watching box sets: The Controller Coat, The Gaming Bag and The Boxset Blanket which can fit up to three people. Melissa Greenwood, the food and digital communications manager at Dominos said: “Now people can look uber-stylish with no embarrassment of miss-matched PJ’s when their delivery driver turns up”. 

Through their campaign of ‘The official food of everything’, Dominos have managed to place themselves at the top of the conversation through strategic sponsorship. Sponsorship dominates Domino’s marketing strategy which is built around promoting during key occasions in which they believe consumers will want to order a pizza. Key events and programmes Dominos have sponsored include Sky Sports News, ITV hub, Channel 4 series Hollyoaks, the Football World Cup in 2018, and many more! Dominos have a clear objective in this campaign which is to instil in people’s minds that they can’t binge watch a programme on catch up or watch a key sporting event without ordering in pizza. 

Dominos also have an active social media presence and the key to a successful marketing campaign is to generate engagement and conversation online. Through their multiple marketing strategies, Dominos have positioned themselves at the centre of popular online discussions, by making themselves current and relatable. FASHiN is the perfect example of this. While the collection is not officially for sale, they have cleverly directed the conversation to their Instagram page. For example, you can win a Gaming Bag by following Domino’s UK Instagram and tagging yourself and a friend. 

How deliciously creative. 

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