How brands used the Royal Wedding to engage with customers

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How brands used the Royal Wedding to engage with customers

Everyone loves a wedding, and of course, a Royal Wedding. In 2011 the media build up for Will and Kate’s big day was the biggest in history and marketers jumped on that to sell their products, even if those products had no relevance to weddings, Britain or the royal family. This time around the noise was even greater, and saw smaller businesses jumping on the bandwagon to stay relevant. Some of the country’s biggest brands invested a lot of time and money into their marketing channels, creating unique campaigns. Others acknowledged the national event with a simple congratulations tweet or Instagram post.

Retail giant Marks & Spencer went down the sentimental route with a special edition of their roast chicken salad sandwich. Why you may ask? Well, it just so happens that Harry proposed to Meghan during a cosy night in roasting a chicken. With this personal detail being shared during their engagement interview back in November, M&S got to work designing ornate royal themed packaging for their popular sandwich. In addition to this, they went the extra mile in their Windsor store with a re-brand to ‘Markle & Sparkle’ for the weekend of the wedding.

The Drum

Source: The Drum

Competitor supermarket Tesco went down a subtler route for their nod to the big day. They ran an online campaign with the hashtag #PerfectMatch, which pairs up classic British and American recipes. Some of their most popular concoctions included Earl Grey Iced Tea and Eton Mess S’mores.

Tesco Real Food

Source: Tesco Real Food

Fashion and lifestyle retailers saw success when they stayed on brand. A great example of this comes from British brand The White Company, who skilfully did not use the phrase ‘Royal Wedding’ in marketing copy. They created a ‘Beautifully British Wedding Edit’, which featured as their focal window display. They stayed true to their brand image with all white details and were still able to fuel their customers’ excitement for the big occasion.

The White Company Instagram Post

Source: The White Company Instagram

A national event such as a Royal Wedding is a great opportunity for businesses to direct traffic to a specific product, or launch a new campaign. They can inject themselves into the hysteria surrounding the occasion, which can ultimately boost sales. Smaller business’ can tailor their approach depending on their budget and target market. Social media explodes with chatter during royal events, and this is a great place for businesses to place themselves with their unique offering to the big day. Unique interpretations generate conversation, and with an international audience focusing on all things British, it’s a great opportunity. It may be a crowded place and a struggle to come up with a unique take that is true to your business or brand, but when done right it can have vast rewards. Consumers love to buy into events like these, as it’s a special occasion where the country pulls out all the stops. Consumers can get carried away with buying memorabilia; therefore it makes sense for businesses to want to target those fans in order to boost their profits.

Tailoring your marketing to be topical doesn’t have to be exclusive to Royal nuptials (plus we’ve got a while to wait until the next one). If you want to leverage current trends and capture your audiences’ imagination, why not give us a call. Be it a digital project, beautifully designed print or a novel social campaign, we’re sure we can create something that makes you as memorable as Reverand Michael Curry. Contact us at [email protected] or 01635 521 224 and lets get thinking.