Are the Day’s of Black Hat SEO Gone?

By Conor Bant 

Whilst new channels, platforms and devices come and go, one tool that people have continued to use is good old Google, ensuring the SEO drum is banged hard by all businesses. Google search is our go-to and is part of everyday life. It’s a bit like TV; whilst it’s changing, it won’t go away anytime soon.

The impact of social media on the food industry and how we eat

By Holly Snowdon

As a self-confessed and well-known foodie at the MAXX office, it’s safe to say that food-related thoughts occupy my mind throughout most of the day!

I profess to being someone who is guilty of photographing my food before eating it - often spending so long trying to capture the perfect photo that my food ends up going cold! - I felt it was about time I addressed the undeniable impact that social media is having on the way we eat and the food/restaurant industry as a whole.

Does location matter when choosing the right agency?

By Holly Snowdon

Does it matter to people where their chosen agency is located? Due to the accessible nature of technology in the world today, it is now possible for us to easily communicate with people practically anywhere across the globe – so do you need your agency to be on your doorstep?

Charity Marketing; going beyond likes to drive donations

By Jennifer Baggaley

Charities need to advertise. They need to invest in advertising and marketing campaigns to raise awareness and garner support for their cause, yet equally as important they need to show people how their money is being spent.

Social media plays a significant part in both of these objectives and is especially important in the toolkit of a charity’s marketing campaign as it is not only an incredibly cost-effective solution, but it also enables a charity to engage directly with individuals.

Helping to deliver Topcon’s vision at Optrafair

By Jennifer Baggaley 

On 1-3 April, the Birmingham NEC played host to Optrafair, the UK’s leading optical trade show. We were delighted to join our client Topcon at the show.

Topcon, a leading manufacturer of ophthalmic and optometry equipment had an impressive presence at the exhibition, with no less than five stands showcasing its equipment, software and education programme; Topcon University.

AccelerComm: Website design and print

We’ve been doing some great work recently with the exciting, semiconductor IP-core company AccelerComm, who provide solutions to accelerate and mould the future of wireless communications (4.5G and 5G). The AccelerComm patented turbo decoding solution, for example, enables wireless systems to be ten times faster than existing wireless systems - definitely something to shout about!

AccelerComm is a new enterprise, established in Southampton by entrepreneur and now CTO Dr Rob Maunder, after gaining his PhD in Wireless Communications in 2007 from the University of Southampton.

Is Wearable Tech a Thing of The Past Already?

By Gemma Goss

About a year and a half ago wearable tech was all the rage with multiple brands getting in on the action all at once. But now a few companies seem to be putting them on the back foot to make way for the sensation that is Virtual Reality (VR). But I believe they are still a very valuable piece of kit that adds so much more to helping stick to exercise targets or weight goals.  

A Sign of Storm Doris!

With winds of just over 90mph, Storm Doris hit the UK hard on 23rd February and whilst Newbury and parts of the South of England didn’t get hit as hard as the rest of the UK, the winds were strong enough to tear down our sign!