Facebook Workplace: Genuinely Connecting Teams or Another Social Distraction?

Given our use and nigh on obsession with social media, it’s of no surprise that multiple media giants and technology vendors have attempted to migrate this method of communication into the workplace. The justification is that it’s quick, familiar and prompts internal problem solving and praising of achievements across businesses. Plus the providers could likely charge for it; what’s not to like?!

Snapchat Glasses

Following the recently publicised rivalry between the social media giants, Snapchat and Instagram (see earlier blog post), Snapchat is really taking the lead and seizing the opportunity to rethink the company strategy and have a rebrand.  Snapchat is adapting its overall strategy to increase its presence in this highly competitive market, with the intention to really up its game with the company releasing a pair of brightly coloured sunglasses with a built in camera

One Question to ask when CMS Shopping

In this day and age, the vast majority of websites are built on a content management system (CMS). The idea of building a whole website from the bottom up in HTML, CSS and Javascript is an absolute nightmare, especially if it has any functionality. And that’s before you start thinking about making changes…

Know Your Digital Marketing: Introducing the Digital Dashboard

As we spend more and more time online – its natural that this is reflected in our marketing efforts and budgets. With a variety of platforms and the minefield that is Google Analytics to consider, keeping on top of your digital performance can be difficult; businesses can struggle to navigate the plethora of metrics available to them and find out exactly what’s going on – and what they all actually mean to their business.

To help clients take control of their online marketing, we have developed a new packaged service; the digital dashboard.

We’ve Moved- just in time to celebrate our landmark 21st birthday!

In the beginning – 1995 – we were just one, our founder and MD Dermot de Courcy Robinson, working from his small study in Newbury with just a second hand Mac and a fax machine.  He worked on his vision to provide companies both locally and nationally with the best and most innovative design work around. 

Fast forward twenty one years and three offices later and we’re incredibly excited to announce that on the 22nd August 2016, MAXX moved to new, larger premises.

Pinterest for Business

You may be on top of your game in terms of your business’ social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin), but most businesses aren’t aware that using Pinterest may be just as beneficial.

If your goal is to stand out from your competitors and to further develop your company, then Pinterest might be just the platform you need to experiment with next! As an informal, visual platform, Pinterest is the perfect way to bring a sense of fun and creativity to convey a less formal side to your business and really connect with customers.

Snapchat Backchat

You may be aware of the latest developments in the world of Social media. As of yesterday (Tuesday the 2nd of August), Facebook-owned Instagram launched a new ‘Stories’ feature, which bears a remarkable likeness to the popular photo and video-sharing app, Snapchat. In fact, to say that they are similar would be an understatement, the features on the two apps are bordering on identical.

Visual Content Marketing: Give it a Go!

We often associate content marketing with written pieces, including blog posts and online articles. However, the visual aspects of digital marketing such as striking graphics, captivating videos and attention grabbing images are also regarded as important elements of content. In fact, due to the time-short, visually orientated nature of the modern world, visual content can be equally (if not more) important than written content.

You Can't Rush Creativity

This video (creator unknown!) involves using a group of children to prove how extraordinary things can be achieved with just a little more time. Having seen this video, we were prompted to write a little about how time pressure effects creativity…

When the pressure is on at work, people are productive. This common belief may be the case for some people, but for creatives, the dreaded time crunch is far from beneficial.