LinkedIn's grand make-over

By Holly Snowdon

If you happen to have signed into your LinkedIn profile in the last week or so, you may have noticed that things look a little different!

Having neglected to refresh the website for a number of years now, the powers that be behind the professional networking platform have decided to kick start 2017 with a brand new look. This is, in fact, the most significant revamp for LinkedIn since it was launched 14 years ago.   

Cyber Security - Are Small Businesses Safe?

By Gemma Goss

It appears that nobody is safe when it comes to attacks over the internet.

Modern day cyber criminals are malicious. They have a motive.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in cyber security attacks across the globe. Whether you’re a small or large business they are both seemingly vulnerable to an attack of any size.

However, according to experts, it is small businesses which are predominantly in the firing line and unfortunately, they are often inadequately prepared.

How Do I Convert More Traffic? The Million Dollar Question

By Conor Bant

So, how do you convert more website traffic? What’s the magic answer?

Well, if someone could categorically answer that question, they would probably be the greatest digital marketer to grace the Earth. On the off chance that you are not said marketing messiah, then you will know there is a plethora of ways to optimise conversions.

There’s No Such Thing as Digital Marketing Anymore. Kind of.

By Conor Bant

We have recently shared a number of articles on this topic, but I feel it’s such a pertinent part of Marketing in 2017, well we just had to write a blog about it!

When I hear people talk about ‘doing’ digital marketing, the first question to ask is what does that mean? Is it social media, search engine marketing, display, website optimisation? Is it a combination of, or all of these things?

Artistic Website Design: The Blooming of

By Holly Snowdon

We were recently approached by creative floral design studio Saint Floral, to create and build a website for the new start-up business. This was a particularly exciting project for the team, due to Saint Floral’s artistic and renaissance inspired approach, providing an outlet for brilliant floral design.

Introducing Sam - Web Developer

By Sam Buxcey 

Hi I’m Sam. I’m a Junior Web Developer here at MAXX and as I have been here for nearly a year I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. This is the first blog post I have ever written, so this will be a good test of how my literacy skills have fared!! Not too sure where to start, so with every attempt to not make this sound like a dating profile, here’s a brief overview of me.

The Top 5 Christmas campaigns of 2016

Written by guest blogger Ellie Selby

Yes, it’s that time of year again. And no, I’m not referring to the baubles and brightly coloured lights, Christmas cheer or carol singers. Nor am I talking about the endless videos on Facebook of our pets gradually disembowelling our slaved-over Christmas trees. What I’m referring to, is this particular blog – and just because I’m no longer in the MAXX offices doesn’t mean I don’t get to forcibly write this Christmas article for you all as per usual. (I am delighted to have been asked, Merry Christmas one and all)!

MAXX Christmas office closure

By MAXX Design

We would like to wish all our clients and friends a very special Christmas 2016.

Please note that the MAXX office will be closed from December 24th - January 2nd (inclusive). However in an emergency, you can reach us on 07787 517871
This year, instead of sending out Christmas cards and gifts, we will be donating to our chosen charity, The Rosemary Appeal.

Real People with True Stories this Christmas

Written by Chris Billingham

As Marketing Manager at MAXX, I have had the privilege of working on a number of exciting campaigns this year, from Reindeer antlers to branded bells, there have been lots of exciting discussions and ideas!