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The power of partnerships

“We want to build a partnership”, “We aim to be an extension of your business” – you’ve heard it all before, and probably think it’s clichéd. That’s unfortunately because very few organisations set out to actually achieve a true partnership… but it is possible! When using these phrases make sure you believe it and most importantly, back it up. 

Website Design Trends 2019/20

The importance of strong website design has grown exponentially over the last five years. With more websites being created, there is a greater desire to be different. According to research from Stanford University, 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible. In order to further distinguish yourself from the competition and keep your business relevant, it is important to keep an eye on digital trends, as these ultimately reflect the consumer preferences.

Instagram hides its ‘likes’ count in 7 countries

Instagram is trialling a new feature by removing the running total of people who have liked a post and replacing it with ‘username and others’ 

However, the original poster will still be able to see how many people have liked their post.

This move from Instagram is to try to stop the platform feeling like a popularity contest and make it more about sharing things that people enjoy. 

This trial began last Thursday in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. 

Introducing Will – Client Development Manager

I’m Will, the new Client Development Manager at MAXX. Growing up as a complete workaholic led to me starting my career in marketing at 15. Since then I’ve also spent several years as a product and marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry looking after all things digital. 

From my first ‘chat’ with MAXX, I knew I had to get involved. Not only are they switched on, dynamic and driven but also conveniently located in a beautiful canalside location in my hometown of Newbury. 

Are social networks becoming socially conscious?

Social media has seen rapid adoption in the past 15 years and is a very different beast to the early iterations. We’ve gone from the home-made music videos of MySpace and sharing love on Bebo to the multi-media behemoths that are Facebook (and all it owns) and Twitter.   

A Royal Opening for the Rosemary Centre

If you are a West Berkshire resident, you are likely to have seen collection tins or encountered friends or neighbours who have been raising money for The Rosemary Appeal. The appeal was the brainchild of medical professionals from the charities Newbury Cancer Care and The Newbury and Thatcham Hospital Building Trust who recognised the need for cancer and renal disease treatment facilities in West Berkshire.

An update - EU Copyright Law

Towards the end of 2018, there were announcements of new proposed laws that, if passed, would massively impact the way we all use the internet. In January, EU negotiators had three consecutive days of closed-door talks and have provided further clarity and direction of the new rules.

MAXX meets Bruce

Last week, we attended a breakfast event where we got to hear Twitter EMEA VP and author Bruce Daisley’s thoughts on modern working environments. Put on by ConnectTalks in a beautiful rooftop communal space, the talk was an intimate gathering of industry professionals from various sectors.

Are Vloggers the new celebrities?

Last weekend Vlogger and YouTube sensation James Charles (you can check out his YouTube channel here) visited the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham to open a brand new Morphe store, previously only available in London.

(Also if you haven’t watched his YouTube videos “you can use code James for 10% off” - this is one of his catchphrases along with “Hi Sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel”)